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boat's deck is a critical piece of safety gear. Its job? To keep your feet, and therefore you, firmly planted and the final install. This increases the cost, of course, but should result in the best possible appearance. Color combinations and styles vary by

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If you see yourself as a "bargain deal" type of boater, then the 188 may be one of your best options. Don't be fooled by the price though, there is still a lot to say about this amazing deck boat that will surely have you checking its website for more info.

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We also know how much work is required to keep a real wood teak deck looking good. With Dek-king teak boat flooring we promise you that you will be spending more time enjoying your boat rather than spending time on maintenance as our material is virtually

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What’s the difference between a deck boat and a bowrider? While both are great options for dayboating, each has its own strengths. While both are great options for dayboating, each has its own strengths, so the best way to compare is to put them side-by

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This is a really fun activity for starting to learn about properties of materials and the effect of gradient on speed. We split the experiment into two parts, first we tested different materials to see which worked best as a boat and then we raced the boats down different

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When modifying a small boat like my TABS the best plan is to draw up a basic design or layout that matches your style of I measured the deck area and front casting area. On a standard 4.2m tinnie with bench seats, it’s best to measure the deck area .

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We have the industry's best waterproofing and protective coatings for all types of difficult waterproofing situations. Applications include anti-corrosive protective lining specifically designed for boat bottoms, marine applications, ocean front anti-corrosion even